Chartered accountants based in Burnley, serving Lancashire, West Yorkshire and Manchester.


We want to give you a glimpse of why Kneeshaws is worth considering as a partner for your business.


Our Roots


In the early 1900’s Mr John William Kneeshaw established an accountancy firm in the town.  In his honour, we have named our firm “Kneeshaws”.


Following his philosophy, we consider that Burnley’s achievers are central to its success. The welfare of the town, and everyone in it, depends on the right people taking the lead in productive enterprise. Businesses bring the fruits of their labours back into the local economy, and from that foundation, new growth springs forth. It is right that these achievers are recognised and supported.”


At Kneeshaws, we are proud to continue to support that entrepreneurial endeavour. So this is why we say “We are determined to help you succeed”.

Our Mission


By combining old-fashioned qualities like courtesy, commitment and attention to detail with a modern, progressive approach to technology, we are confident we can give you the best accountancy advice possible, and then help you understand it and use it constructively for your business.

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