Sole Trader

It is difficult to find the exact number of sole traders in the United Kingdom as there is no central register for them. There are now 4.8 million self-employed people – that equates to one in seven of the workforce. In 2016 the self-employed contributed £255bn to the UK economy: enough to fund the NHS twice over, reports the Guardian.

Advice and Support for Sole Traders


Many people prefer to work for themselves under their own name. If you have a single-person limited company, please check that page as it will be more relevant to you.


Working on your own gives you a lot of freedom compared to working in a job. All the same there are a lot of admin tasks that you might wish would just disappear to leave you time to focus on the important stuff. Below is a list of relevant services we can help you with.


Many start-up business owners plan to save money by keeping their own books…
But our experience is that when they get busy, other priorities take over too often. So paperwork gets postponed too easily. The results can be mislaid papers, late invoicing and complaints from unpaid suppliers.

We can save you money, time and hassle


While any professional will charge a fee, what you get in return is greater confidence that the work is done right. That frees up your mental energy to concentrate on your art, craft, music, profession, shop, trade… the work you actually get paid for.


We will go the extra mile to make sure you understand your finances so you get the best out of them. That means you can get more, do more, enjoy more.


And you will find that we cost less than you should charge fairly for your own time. Let us take over your routine work and free you to work on your business better.



  • Sole trader accounts – for your end-of-year tax return and business planning
  • Personal tax returns – to help you minimise the tax you have to pay and completing your personal tax return to give you plenty of notice of your 31st January tax liability.
  • VAT returns – only relevant if you are about to, or have already, exceeded the VAT threshold. We can produce your VAT returns monthly, quarterly or annually depending on your circumstances and operate any schemes you may use.




  • Keeping your Books up-to-date – bring us your receipts and invoices and we’ll organise them.
  • Help with Sage, Quickbooks & Xero – if you want to do your own books, we can show you how.



  •  If you employ anyone you need to have a PAYE scheme in place. We can help you set this up and administer it.

Let me invite you to chat


Come for a coffee and a free Introductory Meeting to explore how we could best help you to achieve what you want to achieve through your business. There is no charge and no commitment.


What we would love to do is to identify areas where our specialist knowledge will help boost your profitability. We can often spot hidden opportunities and we may hear news that could affect your plans.  You may be considering forming a Limited Company – we can help with that and other support – check our full list of services here.

Interested?  Let’s book a free introductory meeting for you…
We can explore how we can actively help you, and give you a general idea of our fees and the savings we expect to gain for you.