Our Guarantees To You

Andrew Davies, Managing Director of Kneeshaws

Our accountancy firm act in your best interests as much as possible. That means that we are on your side as much as we are legally and professionally allowed to be.


We are regulated by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. They are our professional association and we obey their rules.


To help us make this really clear, we have created these six Guarantees for Clients:

Switching Accountants

We will making switching as easy as possible

We will start by meeting you as soon as possible after you contact us.<br /> We will keep you up-to-date with progress until we can confirm switching is completed.<br /> We will send your Switching Authorisation Form to your previous accountant.<br /> We will take up your affairs from where the previous accountant left off.<br /> If you change your mind within 14 days you can easily stay with your existing accountant.

We Will Minimise Your Tax Bills

Helping you save money where possible

We promise to identify all possibilities to minimise your tax bill, using legitimate methods that HMRC cannot object to, minimising the chances of causing any queries.

Value For Money

Saving you money to re-invest in your business

To help you save money, we will explain our services, our fees and your likely benefits so your choices are well-informed, deliberate and benefit you appropriately.<br /> To help you understand our bills, we will explain what we are charging for, and remind you of the conversations we had when you first authorised us to help you. Every year, we will check on this and explore with you changes in our support in light of your progress.

We Will Boost Your Cashflow

Using up to date industry advice

To help you chase late payments, we will advise you on the best methods, timings and other assistance (eg solicitors)<br /> To help you gain extra legitimate income, we will advise you on grant applications and the Governments R&D Tax Credit Scheme.

We Will Help You Export

International Regulations Advice

To help you save time and hassle, we will find the easiest route through the maze of international VAT regulations for you.<br /> We will keep up to date on BREXIT changes to help you with European suppliers and customers wherever we can.

We Will Act In Good Time

Working to deadlines.

To help you avoid problems with HMRC, we promise to submit your tax returns in time for their deadlines, if we receive your figures, and authorisation in good time.<br /> Also, we will forewarn you of relevant news in as much good time as we can to make you aware of relevant savings or earnings opportunities, or our recommendations for action.

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