Payroll & PAYE

Payroll processing is a necessary part of all businesses employing staff, and also for director-only businesses. The PAYE system has become more complex and challenging over recent years with a larger burden placed on employers than ever before.

Preparing a payroll on a weekly, monthly or annual basis whilst dealing with all aspects of PAYE, National Insurance, Real Time Information and the National Living Wage can be daunting. As the legislation governing PAYE and National Insurance becomes more complex, it is possible that errors could be made leading to further enquiries from HMRC.

At Kneeshaws we can provide a full payroll service for you from 1 employee up to 1,000 employees as well as completing all the end of year employer and employee forms.


Auto Enrollment

Auto enrolment is a Government initiative to help more people save for later life through a<br /> pension scheme at work. Auto enrolment makes it compulsory for employers to automatically enrol their eligible workers into a pension scheme and to contribute towards it. If you employ at least one person you are an employer and you have certain legal duties. Setting up a workplace pension scheme can be complex, time consuming and costly, even for smaller businesses. At Kneeshaws we can set up a pension scheme for you to enable you to meet your auto enrolment obligations as an employer, as well as uploading your scheme contributions to your scheme provider.

Construction Industry Scheme

Under CIS, contractors deduct money from a subcontractor’s payments and pass it to HMRC. The deductions count as advance payments towards the subcontractor’s tax and National Insurance. You must register as a contractor if you either pay subcontractors for construction work or your business doesn’t do construction work but you spend an average of more than £1 million a year on construction in any 3-year period. You must register as a subcontractor if you do construction work for a contractor. We can prepare your monthly CIS returns and submit it to HMRC. We can also verify any subcontractors you use with HMRC, assisting you with this time consuming detailed work.

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