Many famous companies started as partnerships: like Ben & Jerry's, Google, Apple, Microsoft, McDonald's, Hewlett Packard, Warner Brothers, eBay. The shared factor is that they recognized their own limitations and valued what the other could bring to a partnership.

Advice and Support for Partnerships


In a partnership, you have a wider range of skills than most sole traders, and this is the foundation of some small businesses start-up, growth and success.


They divide their work according to skills and interests. In the early stages, book-keeping, managing cashflow and perhaps tax returns may have fitted in well enough.


But with increasing complexity – and perhaps growing ambitions too – there can feel like there is less time in the day and too much to do on Friday… and your free time starts to get overtaken. And since the amount of tax payable is larger than it used to be, you want to be more careful.

We can help your business to blossom


This might be the time to invest in professional advice and support to save you time and money and allow you to focus your expertise on your business.


You will find that this is cost-effective now, as we have the training, the equipment and the up-to-date knowledge to help you minimise your tax liability. Let us take over your routine work and free you to work on your business better.



  • Partnership accounts – for your end-of-year tax return and business planning.
  • Personal tax returns – to help you both minimise the tax you have to pay and completing your personal tax return to give you plenty of notice of your 31st January tax liability.
  • VAT returns – only relevant if you are about to, or have already, exceeded the VAT threshold.  We can produce your VAT returns monthly, quarterly or annually depending on your circumstances and operate any schemes you may use.




  • Keeping your Books up-to-date – bring us your receipts and invoices and we’ll organise them.
  • Help with Sage, Quickbooks & Xero – if you want to do your own books, we can show you how.




  • If you employ anyone you need to have a PAYE scheme in place.  We can help you set this up and administer it.

Let me invite you to chat


Come for a coffee and a free Introductory Meeting to explore how we could best help you to achieve what you want to achieve through your business. There is no charge and no commitment.


What we would love to do is to identify areas where our specialist knowledge will help boost your profitability. We can often spot hidden opportunities and we may hear news that could affect your plans.  You may be considering forming a Limited Company – we can help with that and other support – check our full list of services here.

Interested?  Let’s book a free introductory meeting for you…
We can explore how we can actively help you, and give you a general idea of our fees and the savings we expect to gain for you.